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14 May 2012 @ 08:45 pm
Well it' s been quite a while since i last posted something....again

Once finals are over, I'll be more active


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06 February 2012 @ 12:48 pm
Well...I have no excuse, I had a loooong year.

I'll just post the stuff I did in the last year and be done with it. XP 

 Ariel from Disney's Ariel (Her face is kinds weird I know...:/)

 Transylvania from Hetalia. Many sketches from him follow.

 Was in the summer in NewYork with my good friends. Sweltering heat, ofcourse I draw something from the Central Park. -__-

  Way old drawing. I though I threw this out.

  Another sketch of Transylvania

 First ever, ever sketch of Transylvania from, 2010 summer. Yeah his hair changed cause it was kinda...girly.

  Transylvania again. 

  Prussia added in.

 Germany. His eyes kinda slipped.

  Man I miss Wow...Maybe I should install it again.

  Hungary. why not

 America, just to see if I can draw him...:P

  And Dark Prince. I just love that look. XD

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02 November 2011 @ 05:21 pm
Quick Tegaki sketch in like 20 minutes.

Sooo...I've read this article that Prince Charles is considering abandoning his right to the throne for William's sake...and taking up kingship in Romania.



Article here: KLIKK
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25 October 2011 @ 10:17 am

Figured I should actually carve that pumpkin I had in front of the house...even though the local bunnies have started to chew on it. :P

Anyway, this was my first attempt at ever carving a pumpkin. We don't have Halloween in Hungary and neither do we make lanterns out of pumpkins but I gave it a shot.

Used :iconmlpazureglow: 's image for reference on a nice Princess Luna. 

I hope you guys enjoy it. :)
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24 October 2011 @ 07:49 pm

Talpra magyar, hí a haza!
Itt az idõ, most vagy soha!
Rabok legyünk vagy szabadok?
Ez a kérdés, válasszatok! –
A magyarok istenére
Esküszünk, hogy rabok tovább
Nem leszünk!

Rabok voltunk mostanáig,
Kárhozottak õsapáink,
Kik szabadon éltek-haltak,
Szolgaföldben nem nyughatnak.
A magyarok istenére
Esküszünk, hogy rabok tovább
Nem leszünk!

Sehonnai bitang ember,
Ki most, ha kell, halni nem mer,
Kinek drágább rongy élete,
Mint a haza becsülete.
A magyarok istenére
Esküszünk, hogy rabok tovább
Nem leszünk!

Fényesebb a láncnál a kard,
Jobban ékesíti a kart,
És mi mégis láncot hordtunk!
Ide veled, régi kardunk!
A magyarok istenére
Esküszünk, hogy rabok tovább
Nem leszünk!

A magyar név megint szép lesz,
Méltó régi nagy hiréhez;
Mit rákentek a századok,
Lemossuk a gyalázatot!
A magyarok istenére
Esküszünk, hogy rabok tovább
Nem leszünk!

Hol sírjaink domborulnak,
Unokáink leborulnak,
És áldó imádság mellett
Mondják el szent neveinket.
A magyarok istenére
Esküszünk, hogy rabok tovább
Nem leszünk!

(Pest, 1848. március 13.)


55 years is still not enough time...

Remembering all those young heroes who fought against the Russian oppression on the 23rd of October 1956.
I salute you.

Image is also on my devart
and tumblr page.

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08 July 2011 @ 07:24 am
 So as stated in the earlier post, those 2-3 months were taken up mostly by the 3 week class of drawing and...another 3 week class of art100 that consisted of painting.

oh dear lord...paaaint...o.O


So here is the stuff I did:

On the first day we were assigned to make various black-and-white patterns on a cardboard paper. It was fun for a few minutes but after a while it became apparently clear that it was quite difficult to come up with newer designs.
...so in my desperation I incorporated some stuff from PrinceofPersia, Spiderman, Deadpool and Hungary in my work. XD

They will neeeever catch me. XD

Next day we had to choose one of the patterns from the black-and-white and blow it up bigger and paint it.
Of course i chose the hardest one...idiot.

Following day we had to make an image representation for some kind of emotion/feeling/psychic condition. I immeditaly chose aqua phobia even thouh I don't suffer under it or anything.

Next, some more patterns. I personally just wanted to fool around with pastel-colours so, yeah dat wat i did. XD

Final 2 projects. First we had to make a landscape using magazine cut-out images glued together, sketched then painted. Took me around 2 days of class but I kinda like it. :P

Final project was called "mask". Once again we had to cut-out magazine images and re-arrange them in a new way. Sketch and colour with paint.

So that was it.
What is amazing is that I have allways haaaaaated colouring with paint. Haven't even touched paint in the last oh...15 years?! So for the professor to achieve that I not only finished the projects but actually liked it?? Amazing. :D :D
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